The 80s - My #8 Album
The 80s - My #6 Album

The 80s - My #7 Album

3873f#7 - Breathless "Chasing Promises" (1989)

With Dominic Appleton's vocals (which can also be heard on This Mortail Coil's debut album, another one that should be consider on this list!) and Gary Mundy's great guitar sound I'm not sure why these guys never made it big. They are still around, their latest just coming out earlier this year. Still, it's one of those bands that just sits under the radar, but that's really worth listening to. 

I must admit, I have everything of Breathless and it started from this album. Being a guitarist, this album shows how a lead guitar can truly drive songs without it sounding repetitive or un-creative. LA Weekly, commenting on the band and their sound, stated, “Their melodies are so lush they could drink a concrete statue of Oliver Reed under the table.” 

One of favourite all time songs "Moment by Moment" really sums up the band and this album well. Great atmospherics, great guitar, driving lyrics... Same word as yesterday, underrated!!!