This Sunday... Haggai
Conspiracy Anyone?

In God We Trust?

IStock_000008908968Small"In God We Trust" should be more than just an axiom for people who say they are reborn in Christ; believe that their life is not their own; and believe that God is their all in all. I truly believe the Western World would be in a much better place if there were more people that were sold out for the Kingdom, and not for their rights. 

New converts to Christianity find themselves wanting to be whatever it is God wants them to be. Their identity is wholely tied to God. Over time though, that seems to wane. As "life" takes hold, they take back their own lives and live it as they see fit. Their identity goes from being wholely God's to...

Separating Church and State
Separating daily life and spiritual life
Separating Sunday and Monday

...cutting swathes of their lives out and allowing God only partial access. 

Why? Do we not trust God wholey?