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The Post "Missional" Church

Who's the Sheep?


A little delayed in getting this podcast up, sorry about that. The week before, I hit on Revelation 2:18-29 and the church in Thyatira, and I must say, it was a difficult word to share. 

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A lot is said that is quite derogatory towards Christians. In fact, people really don't realise just how bad they sound when speaking about Christians. It's so ingrained that it's almost second nature.

No doubt Christianity has it's fair share of justified criticism, and some Christians regularly find themselves on the wrong end of portraying Jesus to the world. We end up following our own sense of purpose instead following God's. It's not ethereal, it's a reality, and in a way, it has compromised the mission of the Church. 

If Jesus is the shepherd, what does that make us? Do you really see yourself as a sheep? And yet Jesus does… you know why? We'll follow anything. Ourselves, someone else. Whatever, or whoever, the shepherd is, the sheep will follow. You will follow. It could be power, money, sex, a partner, a parent, a life philosophy, you name it. 

But Jesus calls us to follow Him. We are sheep and we need to acknowledge that if we are not following Jesus, we are following something or someone else! 

The danger as Christians is that if we profess to follow Jesus, but then act in a way that is un-Jesus like, (for some of us that may require a review of our view of Jesus! What is your view of Jesus and where did that view come from?), don't be at all surprised if the world criticises Christianity.